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Raw Emotion celebrates the power of community among artist mothers working tomake space in their own lives—and in the wider world—for their art. Each work featured tellsits own powerful story, but together, this exhibit proclaims, we are greater than the sum of ourparts.

This exhibition is part of the Taking. Up. Space. Initiative facilitated by the Artist/Mother and Thrive Networks. Taking Up Space or T.U.S. is a Grassroots Female Focused Community Global Art Exhibition empowering artists to take up more space and exhibit their art in the month of May, 2022. There are over 80 exhibitions taking place this year and Raw Emotion is one of them.

Gathering Studios, in Albuquerque, NM, is pleased to announce a group exhibition highlighting artists from two seemingly disparate cultures: skateboarders and mothers. While these two groups may seem like polar opposites, both have been historically marginalized, and seek authenticity, individuality, and freedom through creativity.This exhibition aims to celebrate the voices of these two vibrant cultures while bringing them into dialogue with one another.

Counterpoints is part of the TUS initiative